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"Wyman Meinzer owes his eye for light, color and movement to his boyhood on horseback in the West Texas badlands–scanning the horizon for the first hint of sunup, searching for skittish cattle, catching the flick of a coyote's ear above the bluestem. He spent winters trapping while living in a remote dugout on the Pitchfork Ranch and this toughened him up and instilled in him patience, humility, and a reverence for wild things. At Texas Tech, a professor loaned Wyman the camera that set his course. His photos have appeared on the covers of the world's most prestigious magazines and on the walls of a presidential library. In 1997,  the state legislature named Wyman Official State Photographer of Texas. Even after his extensive travels and accolades, Wyman's heart belongs to the rough breaks and pastures of Knox County, Texas, his home on the range."

Words by Henry Chappell